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Jipijapa your next tourist destination

Surfing [a Puerto Cayo

Jipijapa is a small town ont the coast of ecuador, which offers a variety of landscapes on a 1420 km² territory


A beach of fine sand in Puerto Cayo and Cantagallo. On the horizon, when the weather is clear, we can see the Isla de la Plata (the silver island) known for the blue footed booby, and the red footed one.


The Boca of cantagallo is also the birthplace of the humpback whales. Indeed, it is here where they are giving life to their calf from June to September. Sometimes, we can see them from the beach, but it is better on a cruise.


 Ceibo Trichistandra

Jipijapa has 7 administratives divisions rural : Puerto Cayo, Membrillal, Julcuy, La Unión, La América, El Anegado et Pedro Pablo Gómez.

Its landscapes are various with savannah and dry tropical forest, where Ceibos (Ceibo Trichistandra) are predominant. They are amazing us with their forms, flowers and cotton.

Jipijapa and many of the rural zones are crossed my the Cordillera Chogón Colonche, covered by a luxurious vegetation of humid tropical forest.



 Linchero de la famille des Caciques

The fauna and the flora are omnipresents, a rich biodiversity which allows the beginners in bird watching to admire the famous caciques, raptors like the Valdivía, hummingbirds, doves, herons, toucans, and parrots of all colors, but also howling monkeys, squirrels, armadillos, with a bit of luck, you may see tigrillos or fallow deers.

 Café arabica  

Jipijapa is mainly about agriculture, known as the sultane of coffee, for its huge production of coffee in the 60's to th 80's. Nowadays, the farms are diversified. We can visit peasant's farm with a coffee plantation, discover the secret of its artisanale production and enjoy a cup of coffee passed with corn tortillas, elaborated with the yellow corn, and cooked in traditionals clay ovens.

The gastronomy of Jipijapa is well known nationwide. To mention but a few typical meals : the ceviche,the greñoso, the bollo, the hornado of chancho, the different meals with a corn basis, the sea food in Puerto Cayo.

 Paja Toquilla  

Jipijapa has also an old history and an ancient culture.

Jipijapa was named by the spanish conquerants the « golden city » because its inhabitants, the indigenous people, XIPIXAPA, were covered with gold. One of the inhabitants, Choez, is on the origin of the famous seewing of the hat from Jipijapa, knows nowadays as the Panama's hat or the hat from montecristi, made from Paja Toquilla which can be find in the communities of Jipijapa.

Proturisco offers you to discover the rural communities of Jipijapa (Cantagallo, La América, Chade, Agua Dulce, Pisloy de Abajo, Casas Viejas et Pedro Pablo Gómez) to share the everyday life of the peasants families in their natural environment.

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Choosing this type of tourism, you help the development of this communities by giving the next generation of youth, a brighter future.





The belgian NGO, Altervoyages, with the help of the belgium national lotery, has coordinated with the Provincial Union of Peasant Organisation from Manabi (UPOCAM) a program to develop the community based tourism (Proturisco) in Jipijapa in Ecuador.