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Jipijapa your next tourist destination

Surfing [a Puerto Cayo

Jipijapa is a small town ont the coast of ecuador, which offers a variety of landscapes on a 1420 km² territory


A beach of fine sand in Puerto Cayo and Cantagallo. On the horizon, when the weather is clear, we can see the Isla de la Plata (the silver island) known for the blue footed booby, and the red footed one.


The Boca of cantagallo is also the birthplace of the humpback whales. Indeed, it is here where they are giving life to their calf from June to September. Sometimes, we can see them from the beach, but it is better on a cruise.


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The tourism is an ever-increasing economic activity, which lead to the using of natural and cultural heritage. The missing of laws and regulations created a mass tourism, and the lost of control on the heritage, social issues and had effects on the communities life.

Community tourism appears to be an economic alternative for the rural communities, indigenous, to create a complementary income to the daily activity, also to defend and revalorized the natural and cultural local resources.

Its first characteristic is that a big part of the control and of the income are in the hand of the community, and this is a guarantee of an authentic tourism, letting the tourist share and discover deeply the traditions, the habits of an ethnic or a people determined.

 The community tourism is not like the rural tourism or the ecotourism because a part of the income generated by the activity is reinvested in community programs.

Proturisco offers you to discover the communities of Jipijapa's region through our community touristic roads, elaborated for the sake of participation and equity.

You will live an epic experience, enjoying the local gastronomy, admiring the luxurious vegetation, the wonderful fauna, the antique waterfalls and wells, learning the artisanal process to make molido's coffee, panela, and even more.

Visiting us, you will also contribute to the preservation of our environment, the economic development of our communities, the saving of our natural and cultural heritage and the revalorization our ancestral techniques.

We hope that you will live a wonderful journey, in a spirit of exchanges with the locals and of oneness with nature.