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About us

oficina proturisco

ProTurisCo - UPOCAM is the Tour Operator the Community based Turism Jipijapa - Wankavilka Network and represents 9 communities from cantons Jipijapa and Paján of the province of Manabí from Manabi.

We believe that the community tourism handled by communities can generate an income in complement of the agricultural activity and save the cultural identity.

Thanks to the support of the Belgian national lottery and Altervoyages, we started to work in 2013 with 7 communities of the canton of jipijapa, through a participative process that include the training of people living in each community and the selfdiagnostic of the touristic potential, along with the elaboration of strategic plans, for a long term action.

In 2017, we opened our own Tour Operator community-based tourism in Puerto Lopez, thanks to the support of the Fundación EUROPAMUNDO.



"Por un verdadero reencuentro de la familia campesina de Manabùi y del Ecuador"